<h4>V8 Specialists</h4>

V8 Specialists

ERS has rebuilt many engines from leading V8 cars including: Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Holden, Aston Martin & Cadillac.

<h4>Cylinder Head</h4>

Cylinder Head

Full cylinder head servicing including, pressure testing, crack testing and 3 angle value jobs.

<h4>Engine Balancing</h4>

Engine Balancing

Professional computer balancing systems to restore engine smoothness. Includes balancing of conrods, pistons, fly wheels, clutches and dampers / front pulleys.

<h4>Rebore / Resleeving</h4>

Rebore / Resleeving

Professional reboring & torque plate honing.

<h4>Engine Assembly</h4>

Engine Assembly

Custom engine assembly using a specialised clean room, be sure to see some of the finished assembled engines.

<h4>Black Light Testing</h4>

Black Light Testing

Crack testing using black light chemically treated aluminium technology.